The Broken Heart of Freedom Essay

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With Joy Comes Grief Zachary Martin ENG 125: Introduction to Literature Mrs. Andrea Pfaff July 22nd, 2012 With Joy Comes Grief The oppression of marriage was often something many women felt, especially in the early 1800 and 1900’s. Women often adored many things that they did not have and often fancied about a life that they did not lead. Their jobs were to be at the side of their husband and respond to any beckoning. Majority of average women did not serve in a difference making role in society. Sometimes a woman’s wants and greed could be the very thing that drove her to despair. The achievement of things that we want in life does not always come without great sacrifices and sometimes grief. The comparison of Kate Chopins “The Story of an Hour,” and Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace,” did not come without great thought and comparison of the stories. The stories had to be reviewed numerous times in order to properly analyze and understand the stories that were being told. Outside analytical sources were also utilized to get an understanding of someone else point of view on the story, as well as their explanation of the story. Literary terms like fate, imagination, character, symbols, theme, mood, plot, culture, and tone will be used in order to help me analyze the story in a precise way. As a lot of us already know many things that we want in life come with great consequences or sacrifice. For some it is something that is easy to deal with, and is willing to give whatever it may be in order to receive these possessions that one desires. On the other hand, some do not realize the consequences and sacrifices that come with trying to get something out of reach, something that we don’t really need, and unfortunately do not find out until it is too late what that sacrifice is. Sometimes these sacrifices cause much grief and despair. Both of these stories

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