The British Society in Persuasion Essay

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Jane Austen was sometimes criticised for not taking into account the actual situation of the world outside her own circle. From what you have already studied about the novel, how far can you say that Persuasion is about British society at large at the time? Persuasion is a romantic novel and also the last completed one of the English writer Jane Austen. It was published posthumously in 1818, just before the Victorian area. At that time but also afterwards, different readers thought and said that the author has only depicted a little part of this period: the one she belonged to. In contrast, other readers find this novel as a proper illustration of her contemporary British society. Therefore we can raise the question “How far can we say that Persuasion is about the British society of the beginning of the 19th century at large?”. To answer this question, we will first focus on the elements which show that Jane Austen didn’t take into account the actual situation of the world outside her own circle. Then we will concentrate on the arguments which deny this opinion. First of all, we will study what could allow us to say that the author especially talks about her own society. It seems important to name some autobiographical information about her. Jane is the seventh child of Cassandra and George Austen, members of the British upper classes. She and her older sister, Cassandra, in order to acquire a good education, were sent to boarding schools and were encouraged to read from their father's extensive library. In 1801, at the age of twenty six, she moved to Bath with her parents and Cassandra. Four years later her father died after a short illness. As a result, her family was thrust into financial straits and the three women finished their lives in middle class, a real choc for them. Those elements are also present in Persuasion: Anne Elliot, the main

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