The Bright Young Ones: 1920 Essay

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The Scandalous Overnight Celebrities: The Bright Young Ones The Great War heavily impacted the world economically and socially. The 1920s is frequently referred to as the ‘roaring twenties’ because of the rapid changing life styles. This was caused by financial abundance and rapid technological progression. Many Americans enjoyed this prosperous state by taking part in America’s consumerism. Britain experienced the exact opposite economically and their government aimed to reconstruct prewar Britain. The Great War forced Britain into a period of depression, leaving society frightened and pessimistic. The older generation existed largely in a state of mourn, while the youth chose to forget the trauma caused by the war. The youth viewed the Great War as a waste of life, thus creating a hedonistic lifestyle with partying being their primary intention. They became notorious for their elaborately themed parties along with extreme drug use. The paparazzi quickly became fascinated by such antics and costumes. From the constant attention, the media deemed this group the Bright Young People. This was an early example of celebrity culture; this rhetoric of rebellion is described by Thomas Franks in ‘Commodify Your Dissent’. Because of the paparazzi’s obsession with the group, the Bright Young People gained many participants. Giving them a momentary celebrity status only fed into their culture. This youthful group continuously disobeyed the ridged and outdated social norms of the twentieth century. The combination of partying, excessive drug use, and fashion allowed the Bright Young People to suppress their feelings of trauma by creating a society that they were all comfortable within. Like many celebrities today, the Bright Young People became famous for simply being famous. News and magazine reports as well as journalists repeatedly praised the

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