The Breakfast Club Zero Tolerance Analysis

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In this paper I will be focusing on the movie the Breakfast Club and the dynamics of the group. The Breakfast Club is centered around a group of five Caucasian teens in suburban high school setting that had to report for Saturday detention. The group of teens were not complete strangers; the five teenagers are each from a different clique or social group. The five students were made up of three males and two females. The males are Andrew who is known as the jock. His primary concern is to do his detention and not ruin his opportunity to obtain a scholarship. John is the kid from the other side of the track. His primary focus is to antagonizing the group and make them as miserable as he on the onset appears. The final male is Brian the nerd.…show more content…
Although it has become the most popular and wide spread form of discipline reform effort in the schools today it is highly controversial. Advocates of zero tolerance claim that it prevents school violence by removing dangerous students immediately after an infraction. These claims have not been tested to be a strong deterrent only theorized. The research that is available suggests that expulsion policies have had more of a negative impact on students and has had no preventative effect in disciplining students. The research has been done on zero tolerance in the home but not extensively in the school. Based on the results of the research finding on zero tolerance in the home in regards to parenting the approach conflicts with the developmental needs of adolescences. This approached mirrored what was taking place in the Breakfast Club. The group leader/principal had no desire to truly hear what the teen had to say in response to his assignment. He only wanted them do as he said without feedback. The ways the principal handled the situation with Bender clearly demonstrated how zero tolerance can backfire on the leader. There was no empowering in his approach with this teen only distain which added to Bender’s already low self-esteem. If no one shows him how to believe in himself then why would he desire to believe in himself? Discipline is needed and there is level into which matters should be handled however by tearing him down only proved how zero tolerance without compassion is a form of discipline that is

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