The Breakfast Club Persuasive Speech

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While most teenage girls in high school dreamed of being “Ms. It”, some of us lived it. While watching The Breakfast Club, I instantly clicked with the Princess of the group. We were alike in many ways, but I did not agree with everything she did nor said. Claire Standish was the popular prom queen, wealthy conceited princess, but unlike her I was a highly sociable individual. When I was a freshman in high school, all I ever visualized was being captain of the cheerleading team and becoming prom queen of class 2010. Being prom queen would mean so much to me, as it meant just as much to Claire Standish. Claire was prom queen of her graduating class and to her it was everything she ever wished for, and something I was hoping for. So I worked…show more content…
Unlike Claire, she was only popular because her family was rich and she had superior things, I was popular because I chatted with anyone I saw. I was head of the cheerleading team, a well-trained track star, and maintained high honor roll grades. With me being a cheerleader, I knew majority of the players who played on a sports team which made up most of my high school. Since I had good grades that meant I did a lot of studying, which got me to know the “nerds.” Most of the nerds that went to my school belonged to different social clubs, so I was associated with them as well. Even though my parents drove nice cars, I always rode the bus to school, so I communicated with all my peers on the bus. There was not a person I did not speak with just because my close friends did not like them. However, Claire Standish only talked to people her clique approved of. She was afraid to step out of her comfort zone and I simply was not. Although, Claire and I are alike in some aspects we are different as well. Being someone teenagers wish to be is important in my eyes as well as Claire’s. I just was a different popular princess, because I did not try to hurt people’s feelings by not talking to them. I was very sociable and interactive with my

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