The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club Five high school students, all different labels, meet in detention on a Saturday morning in their high school library. As the group of students spill out their hearts to each other they realize how much they have in common with each other than they thought. Define the Purpose of the Group The purpose of group was a form of punishment. The five students had broken their high school rules and were sentenced to come in to school on a Saturday for an eight hour detention. Describe the Group Goal The goal of the group was given by the Principle, Rich, to sit in the library for eight hours. He also gave them the goal of writing an essay of no more than 1,000 words explaining “who they think they are”. Recruitment of Members Each member of the group had to break a regulation at the school, which led to their Saturday detention. Claire was the "Prom Queen" skipped her school classes and decided to go shopping instead. Brian was the “Brain” took a gun to school hide it in his locker because he was going to try to commit suicide. Andrew was the “Jock” and he taped up some persons butt cheeks together because he thought it was funny at the time. Allison “the basket case” recruited herself because “she had nothing else better to do” on a Saturday. Finally, the last member of the group was Bender “the criminal” he pulled the fire alarm off in the school while school was in session. Seeing as though all the members had disciplinary issues they were recruited to attend Saturday detention. Group Members Interpersonal Life of the Group Members Claire is characterized as the prom queen full of herself and an emotional teenager. In the beginning of the film she seems standoffish and retires information about herself. She seems to be suffering from insecurity this came out when she was having a dispute with Bender. She comes from wealthy family

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