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Mellie Stiles BIO 1120 Research Paper Try and imagine if our bodies were a computer. The central processing unit on a computer would be similar to our brains. Brains are a complex, series of different structures, all responsible for one main purpose-“to receive, interpret, and directing sensory information throughout the body. (Biology) The brain can be divided into three main parts: Forebrain, Midbrain, and Hindbrain, however each of those individual structures can broken down into sub-categories. The forebrain contains three very important parts to it: First the Thymus, and Hypothalamus. These two parts of the forebrain are responsible for motor control, and relaying sensory information throughout the entire body via the spinal cord. These two also help control the autonomic functions, which in turn carry nerve impulses to the heart and involuntary smooth muscles. (Biology) The other main part of the forebrain contains the actual largest part of the brain, the cerebrum. It is within the cerebral cortex where the actual processing of information in the brain takes place. The midbrain, along with the hindbrain help make up the brain stem. (Biology) The midbrain is the superior aspect of it and helps aid in auditory visual responses, and basic motor functions. The inferior aspect of the brainstem is also the beginning of the hindbrain. To see the hindbrain a little clearer, it is best to also separate it into three categories: Pons, cerebellum, (not to be confused with cerebrum) and the medulla oblongata. The pons is the primary part of your brain that controls your respirations (Biology) The cerebellum is one of the parts of your hindbrain that helps you maintain balance and coordination. The medulla Stiles 2 oblongata, the final section of the hindbrain, regulates very important autonomic functions such as respirations, digestion,

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