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The Brain Scottie Garcia L. Renee Foster Herrmann, M.Ed., LPC PSY/240 February 19, 2012 There are five major sections of the brain which are the Telencephalon (cerebral hemispheres), the Diencephalon, the Mesencephalon, also known as the midbrain, the Metencephalon, and the Myelencephalon or the medulla. The word encephalon means, "within the head"(Pinel, 2007, p.50). Within the five sections of the brain, there are three parts; the forebrain, the midbrain, which contains the upper portion of the brain stem and the hindbrain, which consists of most of the brain stem. The forebrain has two major portions which are Telencephalon and the diencephalon. This forebrain has a variety of functions which include the acceptance and processing of different sensory information, thought process, generating and comprehension of language and the control of motor functions. The Telencephalon is the portion of the brain whose primary function is that of voluntary movements, sensory feedback, and learning, dialogue, and problem deciphering skills. It determines personality and intellectual capacity, organization and planning and our sense of smell. It also contains the largest portion of the brain which is the cerebrum. If this portion of the brain were to be damaged, there would be a loss of muscular power and precision. The telencephalon is divided into cerebral hemispheres and each having an area referred to as lobes. The frontal lobe control muscle movement, is responsible for personality, attention, problem solving and planning. The parietal lobe regulates sense of touch and pain, reading and short term memory. Temporal lobe helps with sensory and acoustic information, memory and speech, emotion and attention and the occipital lobe in which visual signals are sent. The Diencephalon is comprised of two structures, which are the thalamus and the hypothalamus.

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