The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Essay

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John Boyne’s “The boy in the striped pajamas is a fictional tale illustrating the situations and conflicts during world war || from a perspective of a child, Bruno. Since the story is set in Germany during World War ||, the author assumes that the reader is aware of Holocaust and Nazi, thus excluding any explanation about it. Even though the historical and biographical information is crucial for a deeper understanding of the text, there are still multiple aspects that can be viewed and analyzed through the lens of a formalism, since It is packed with numerous, yet meaningful literary terms such as point of view, conflicts and symbolism. The point of view of the story is a third person limited perspective. It only describes and states what Bruno thinks and experiences and nothing else except the last chapter after his death. Bruno is a nine-year old child who does not understand any of the problems and conflicts that occur around him. Throughout the story, Bruno keeps asking himself and other people about the reasons for the whole situation, especially about the people on the other side of the fence, people in the striped pajamas. However, nobody seem to be willing to answer his questions, not even his mother: “We don’t have the luxury of thinking... some people make all the decisions for us. (pg. 14)” The readers can easily relate to Bruno as they follow the thinking process of Bruno and the reasons for his actions. This allows Boyne to create a childlike and innocent tone and atmosphere which helps the reader to perceive the story without and prejudice and judgement. One could almost say that the story consists of only conflicts. There are countless conflicts within the story and this is what keeps the reader reading. First, there is a conflict within the family. The family had to move to Out-with because of the Father. The Mother seems to know what is

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