The Boy in the Stripe Pajamas

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The boy in the striped Pajamas Review “It all started with an idea”, according to the writer of “The boy in the striped Pajamas” John Boyne, an idea that soon became a successful book, and movie. In 2008 the movie was released in the United States. Some people enjoyed the story, and have used it for educational purpose, on the other hand; others did not agree because it is based on fiction. Originally most of the children during the holocaust were killed, because the German considered them unproductive useless little creatures. Therefore, it is agreeable that some people will not agree with the movie especially when it is being use for education. On the other hand, Fiction or non-Fiction “The boy in the striped Pajamas” does bring a message across which we can learn from. The boy in the stripe pajamas; is a movie based on a young boy whose family moved from Berlin to Poland. Leaving his friends, in Poland he quickly realized that he needed a friend. As he found himself alone, he became eager to interact with other kids his age. He then befriended a boy who lives on the other side of the fence, unaware of the consequence that he’s a Jewish prisoner. The horrible, and tragic thing that happened next, was due to the undeveloped minds that at times some adults possess. In conclusion, even though “The boy in the striped pajamas”, is not all about fact, it can be educational; therefore, it can teach us a lesson. The boy realizes he needed a friend and unaware of the consequence he befriended a boy who was a Jewish

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