The Box Man

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Outline for “The Box Man” by Barbara Lazear Ascher Introduction I. The Box Man was at it again. A. It was his lucky night. B. The first stroke…toward them. (Description of location and author’s attitude toward Box Man) 2 Body II. It was slow going. (Clear physical description of Box Man as he begins his ritual) 3 A. collar B. earth with toes C. …he shuffled across the street (towards the boxes which leads to the next paragraph) III. …he began to sort through the boxes… (Description of his sorting method. He chooses one which leads to the next paragraph) 4 A. inspecting B. tosses three aside C. he has purpose D. …he dragged it up the block and dropped it in a doorway. IV. …he set out again and discovered behind the sign at a parking garage, a plastic Dellwood box…(Transition from looking for boxes to setting up his box home) 5 A. description of boxes B. description of box home C. comparison to “regular” home with couch and coffee table D. plastic bags distributed around him V. He eased himself with slow care onto the stronger box, reached into one of his bags, pulled out a Daily News, and snapped it open against the cardboard table. (Description of Box Man as a regular normal person) 6 A. comparison to commuter and a Wall Street Journal B. folding paper C. respectful with eyes D. That’s just what the Box Man did…(This is the conclusion to the paragraph even though it is set off as its own paragraph. This is done for emphasis to show the normalcy of the Box Man’s life) 7 1. compare to grandmothers 2. tongue to finger VI. One could live like this…(This one sentence is set apart as a paragraph because it is the main point of her essay. She has inserted it here to keep the reader attune to why she is describing the Box Man and to transition into the next piece of the essay which is her comparison
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