The Bourne Ultimatum

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Bourne Ultimatum Essay The Bourne Ultimatum is a spy thriller, packed with action. The storyline is about a black-ops assassin that has lost his memory and is to find the answers why is he like this. The primary purpose of the movie is to entertain the audience and keep them in suspense. Another purpose of the movie is to keep you pondering about how the CIA operates. The film directors used several film codes extremely effectively; music, sound effects and camera shots. The music used in the Bourne Ultimatum was used effectively to keep the audience in suspense and in a constant state of uncertainty. Such as the opening scene where Jason Bourne is escaping from the Police, the music is telling the audience that Jason Bourne is in danger. The music used in the Bourne Ultimatum creates the mood in the specific scene. The director uses music to keep the audience in suspense, even though some of the storyline is predictable. At the end of the movie the music changes to a happier mood, which leaves the audience feeling at peace. The Bourne Ultimatum is an action packed movie and the director uses music to create tension. The sound effects utilized in the movie were used to make the scenes dramatic and thrilling. If these sound effects weren’t used, then the movies message or purpose would not be as effective. Sound effects used in the Bourne Ultimatum were based on the action, when Jason Bourne is running away from the police and the sound effects were sirens, doors slamming and cars crashing which created excitement. The explosions were great as visual aid but then combined with sound effects it became phenomenal. During the office scene, it became more real with sounds of faxes, printers, and phones and typing. The Bourne Ultimatum incorporated sound effects into film scenes, which made the audience, feel present in the scene and therefore made the scene

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