The Bound Of Reason Short Story

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“There is never a second opportunity to make a first impression.” The second collection of short stories is the only book of the saga I have not read some ten years ago when I was a teenager and for the first time tasted how reading a book within a couple days feels like. Therefore the love I have for this book is immense, as some of the short stories have touched me rather strongly. The Bound of Reason This is the story of a man (whose name I cannot ever remember nor pronounce) known as Borch Three Jackdaws. When his path crosses with Geralt's, as he saves him from people who wanted to rob him of his property while he was out on a hunt, and they decide to travel together, something is bound to happen. And something indeed happens soon. As there are also Yennefer, Dandelion and Yarpen Zigrin with his band mingled in, anyone can be sure that this is an adventure-ridden shor story. (And there is a little hidden surprise for the lovers of the second game which is absolutely yummy!) A Shard of Ice…show more content…
What if the story about the mighty Ice Queen is true? And what happens when two men, sleeping with the same woman, both get a message brought by the very same bird born out of a spell? Does true love make you kill? And is there even something as true love? A Shard of Ice is an amazing story, because the love traditionally shared by Geralt and Yennefer is scrutinized from one more point of view, which gives the whole feeling a brand new taste. Even though I am not very sure whether I understood this one the way the author meant it to be understood, I enjoyed it very

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