The Bottom Of The Pyramid Essay

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1. What can your organization do to respond to the needs on the Bottom of the Pyramid? What challenges/concerns might your organization face in so doing and how do you think your organization can address them? In our society it is a fact that the poor is always been used by the wealthy to enrich themselves. Thus, the poor became poorer and the rich became richer amidst the preferential option for the poor campaign. I belong to a religious congregation, the Society of St. Paul. We are priests and brothers evangelizers using the fastest means of communications. We publish books, magazines, misalettes, bible diaries, etc. that are distributed in our religious bookstore ST PAULS which are all located in the malls nationwide. We also cater to the fast-emerging technology by launching our e-books and other products online. At first glance it seems that we do not have the ability to reach out to the needs of those in the Bottom of the Pyramid because those who have the capacity to buy and read our products are the educated ones who can read or at least elementary graduates. Our products cannot reach barrio folks or rural folks for we do not have distribution outlets in rural or barrio areas. Furthermore, The poor cannot afford to buy our products for they will opt to buy food first rather than spend their money for reading materials that is The Word of God. Therefore it is a dilemma on our part how to respond to this challenge of addressing the hunger and thirst of the poor to the Word of God. As it is always been said that for every problem there is a solution. The primary concerns then of the congregation are: First, how the products become affordable to the poor. Low cost but with average quality and be able to at least achieve a break-even status with regard to production and other costs. Second, how our products reach the rural and barrio people since there

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