The Botany Of Desire: Chapter 3, Intoxication/Plant: Marijuana

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The Botany of Desire Paper The introduction is called The Human Bumblebee, Michael Pollan calls it this because he starts to think about the relationship he has with his garden, and he questions whether he’s control or if his garden is. He realizes that he lives with his plants in a “evolutionary bargain” like the bee and the apple, “the two parties act on each other to advance their individual interests but wind up trading favors.” The favors are that the bee takes the nectar from the apple blooms, and the apple pollinates other trees through what the bee has taken. They both do this without really knowing what is happening, but they set each other on an informal agreement. The chapter I have chosen from The Botany of Desire is Chapter 3, Intoxication/ Plant: Marijuana. The key points about marijuana are the reactions that occur from the plant to the body, how they can cause negative reactions in the body and can as well alter consciousness. The taste that is involved in with the plant is bitter, and he believes that plants shouldn’t be eaten if they have a bitter taste unlike apples that have a pleasant taste. Pollan also mentions different reactions from noxious chemicals such as nicotine can paralyze pests, caffeine can unhinge the nervous system. While for plant predator’s the Hallucinogens in plants like dature and henbane can drive them insane.…show more content…
They both use each other for some purpose. The purpose humans use the plant, marijuana, is for pleasure and to help themselves when it comes to the relief of pain. It’s also important to note that in 1992 the found anandamine which if the brain’s own version of cannabis which like the plant cannabis it effect pain relief, short term memory loss, and

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