The Boozing Barber Essay

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The Boozing Barber Gilbert Paul Jordan, also known as Gilbert Paul Elsie was a drunken mess his whole life. This man gained a reputation of the town drunk. He was wealthy enough to hire him a decent lawyer later on when he was convicted for murder. Paul's victims were mainly aboriginal prostitutes. His first victim was in 1965, when he killed a women using alcohol poisoning. He use to pay these women to drink with him and bring them back to a hotel. He use to make them drink until they would pass out and that was when he forced more alcohol down their throat and rape them. Paul's criminal record did not start with him murdering women. At sixteen, he dropped out of high school and at that time, he already had an drinking problem. When he grew up he got a job as a barber. Most of his living expenses and lawyers were payed easily due to his investments in stocks. His criminal record was far from short. According by Clare (2008) "By 1952, his criminal record included theft, assault, car theft and heroin possession." There is not information on what caused his rebelling ways at such a young age and there is no mention of his parents which might have had an impact to spark this flame of crimes. He did not enjoy drinking alone and seemed to be in the habit of purchasing evenings with prostitutes. According by Clare (2008) "According to his statements, he had sex with over two hundred women a year. He sought out prostitutes in the slums and dive bars of Vancouver." Before 1965, Paul had never tried to kill anyone or had never been successful. His first victim was Ivy Rose (Doreen) Oswald. She was a switchboard operator and she decided to accompany Paul during one of his massive drinking sessions. She agreed to go back to a hotel with him. The next morning, her body was found completely naked and dead. She had a blood alcohol level of .51 which is extremely abnormal

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