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Germany during World War II. The Book Thief is a story about love, hope and the power of words. It’s also a story about some of the few people in Nazi Germany who still believed in human equality. The young Liesel Meminger has lost her family. At the burial of her brother, she finds The Gravedigger’s Handbook in the snow. That is the first time she steals a book, and the beginning of a marvelous career of book thievery. Liesel moves to the quite poor couple Hans and Rosa Hubermann who lives at Himmel Street, Molching. That part of Nazi Germany is completely unfamiliar to Liesel. Papa and Mama, which Liesel calls her foster parents, love Liesel as if she was their own child. Especially Papa becomes a very important person to her. He teaches her to read, which is among the most important things that Liesel gets to learn in her life. Liesel can see that Papa has got something special. There’s quiet air around him wherever he goes and his got eyes made of kindness and silver. He has been close to Death two times, but still lives. Hans Hubermann is what many people would consider a perfect foster father. He plays the accordion, smells of cigarette smoke and paint, and when Liesel wakes up, screaming, from nightmares about her dead brother, he holds her until she falls asleep again. He doesn’t leave, and Liesel knows he won’t. He truly cares about Liesel. So does Mama, but she certainly has a different way of showing it. Rosa Hubermann is a strange woman who uses words like swine and asshole in every sentence. Rudy Steiner, the neighbor with the hair color of a lemon, becomes Liesel’s best friend. He is the one to join her when she is stealing books. When Liesel finishes her first book, she wants to read more, but neither she nor her foster parents can afford them. That’s why she starts stealing. She steals books from wherever they can be found, even from Nazi

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