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Individuals vs. Society, The Book Thief In the novel The Book Thief there is a struggle between certain individuals and their society at the time, some individuals conform to society and others rebel against it. Liesel stealing books, Hans Hubermann against Nazi laws and ideals, Max making the basement a place of rebellion. All these characters effect their own and others’ lives. Liesel stealing books. There are many books involved in this novel fourteen books in total, ten books made up most of her story, six of those then were stolen. Liesel’s book stealing starts at the beginning of the story when she witnesses her younger brother’s death, and while he is being buried she finds a book in the snow…show more content…
“Words from the basement: Markus Zusak's The Book Thief.” Notes on Contemporary Literature: From Literature Resource Center. 41.1 (Jan. 2011). This writer talks about the importance of the different roles that the Hubermann’s cellar/ basement plays in the novel. The basement is a refuge and a sanctuary for Liesel (with her books and words) as well as for Max (a Jew in hiding). The writer of this article talks about how the basement isn’t just a hiding place for a Jew or a refuge to learn but it is a place to rebel against authority when Max transforms it into a setting for creative/political activity by painting over Hitler’s Mein Kampf erasing Hitler’s authority and becoming his own authority. Maslin, Janet. “Stealing to Settle a Score with Life.” New York Times, Published by Janet Maslin, Monday 27 March 2006. Wednesday 30 April 2014. This article is a review on the book itself; however the article also talks about important points involving the main character Liesel Meminger “the book thief” and how they dealt with life during the war. As well as the significance of the first book she steals the grave digger’s handbook and the significance of her stealing books in the first place. Stealing books is a way for her to get revenge on things that have been stolen from her, and also how death (the narrator) tells the

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