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Literary Analysis Essay on The Book Thief Many questions arise after reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Some of those questions being “Why did Liesel Meminger steal The Grave Digger’s Handbook?” “What does the act of book thievery teach Liesel about life and death?” and “How does stealing books from the mayor’s house lead to a friendship with the mayor’s wife?” These are some of the many questions that are thought about after reading this incredible novel. The first book that the “Book Thief”, or Liesel, stole was The Grave Digger’s Handbook. Liesel took the book because it had a deep meaning to her even if she couldn’t read or understand it. In the book it states ‘The Book’s Meaning: number one, it was the last time she saw her brother and number two, it was the last time she saw her mother.” (Page 38). She keeps it under her mattress because she doesn’t want anyone to find out that she “stole” it and because it has a special importance to her. When Hans Hubermann first discovers Liesel’s book, he has a calm and yet subtle reaction. In the book there is a conversation between Liesel and her Papa regarding the stolen book. In the book the conversation goes like this, “‘Is this yours?’ ‘Yes, Papa.’ ‘Do you want to read it?’ Again,’ Yes, Papa.’ A tired smile. Metallic eyes, melting. ‘Well, we’d better read it, then.’” (Page 64). This conversation shows how caring and calm Hans Hubermann is. The titles of the books that Liesel steals all deal with something that is related to her life or something related to the situation she’s in, which make them very significant. Stealing books from the mayor's house leads to a friendship with the mayor's wife. Every time Leisel stole a book, Ilsa Hermann knew about it. The library was really Ilsa’s not the mayor’s. Ilsa was the one who convinced Liesel to write a book in the journal she gave

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