Book Has No Place In Modern Society

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‘The book has no place in modern society.’ Discuss. Definition: Books can be defined as the physical book that is printed or the concept of a book as any form of written piece be it a novel or an exposition or any form of writing. Thesis: As digital media becomes more prevalent, comprehensive, and advanced, books are slowly becoming irrelevant. Anti - Thesis: In the face of technology and changes in people’s taste and preferences, the book has yet to lose its relevance and place in modern society as it is still a far superior and refined form and method to present of an idea. T1: smaller, more compact, more convenient, more accessible. T2: Makes economic and ecological sense to “go digital”. As compared to ‘the book’, such technology…show more content…
Generation of electricity also produces waste, mining practices damage the earth – harsh chemicals, waste rock and what not. Refining process needs to be considered as well. T3: information in books may be outdated as it takes time to publish and edit. By the time the book comes out, it may be irrelevant. Digital media is more current and up-to-date – more relevant than the old data in books. T4: Technology is also challenging the very notion of book, be it physical or digital, by changing the preferences of consumers towards snippets and nuggets of information rather than a large volume of info. (120 million videos on YouTube alone) Blogs, tweets, etc. – books may seem to lose relevance as they AT3: not all books deal with data. Ideas are also tackled and a good number of these are timeless like lao tzu’s art of war. Literature can also be timeless and transcends time. Shakespeare. AT4: References to books rather than references to new digital media are acceptable sources for research papers. This is especially seen amongst students, in terms of textbooks etc. Better source of info and idea as it has been refined, gone through an editing process, cross-referenced. – The ideas and facts are more reliable than any random blogger. Moreover, most tweets, blogs and videos are simply not well thought out and unrefined, taking a few minutes or hours at
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