The Bomber Essay

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The Bomber Grace Dark Rasmussen College Author Note This research is being submitted on March 5, 2012, for Gabriele Suboch’s J160 course at Rasmussen College. The Bomber In today’s day and age people are striving to make weapons of mass destruction and/or homemade bombs. Some of these can cause minor damage while others will cause severe damage and could sometimes kill people. When it comes to making a bomb there are several different things an officer of the law should look for. Some major bomb elements that an officer should look for when searching a potential suspect or suspects home are certain tools, chemicals, or equipment that could be used to make a bomb or explosive. Some chemicals that an officer should look for are pipes, Teflon pipe tape, alcohol, fuses, a detonation device, any kind of explosive material, shrapnel, or a number of other standard household items. There are many different types of explosive materials that could be used. The following are just a few of them: Black powder, smokeless powder, dynamite, Ammonium Nitrate, or Nitroglycerin. The Ammonium nitrate can be mixed with many different chemicals to create highly explosive mixtures. Some of the most common ones are mixed with fuel oil (ANFO), mixed with aluminum powder (ANIC), mixed with Nitrobenzene (ANNIE), or mixed with sugar (ANS). The volume in all the above mentioned Ammonium nitrate and mixtures makes this particularly suited to car bombs or VBIED’s (vehicle born improvised explosive devices). Other explosives that are popular with different terrorist groups are C4 which is composed of RDX and plasticizers, PETN which is mixed with different materials to create sheet plastics-which can easily be easily hidden in electrical devices like laptops and available in thin sheets, and Semtex which looks like orange play dough, made in Czechoslovakia and very common in terrorist

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