The Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

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The Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Week 4 Assignment HRM582 Professor Dr. C Keller Graduate School of Management By: Lesa Bonham 29 September 2013 The Body Ritual Among the Nacirema In viewing the cultural activities of the Nacirema I found it particularly gruesome in some of the rituals that the women were performing and their thoughts that the human body is ugly and that if the body were to have any sickness or disease the only way to rid of body of these is through their often times barbaric rituals that they perform. Their beliefs that shrines will help to keep the body cleansed of these diseases are what lead them to have a shrine in every hope and those of higher stature within the community will have many shrines which show to the community their higher status within their society. The rites or rituals are very private in nature to the Nacirema which are only done within the privacy of their own homes and among their own family and only with those children in their family who are old enough for their initiation into these mysterious practices. The Nacirema for that reason never allowed any outsiders to observe these rituals but would describe them in detail to some that had gained their confidence and acceptance into their society. One of the things that I thought fascinating was the fact that they too have a man in their society known as the medicine man which we know about from our history of the Native American Indians and their practices of having a medicine man that was responsible for the health and healing of the people of their tribes. In this case the medicine man of the Nacirema was responsible for carrying out the preparations of the of the charms and magical potions that are kept in a box in the shrine which is the focal point of the shrine and the most important thing in these people’s culture who feel they cannot live
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