The Bluest Eye

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The situation of African American people in the USA has been a disputable issue since the abolition of slavery. The treatment of African American people, who were excluded from the rights and rules of the mainstream society, began the fight for equality within the African American society. One of the most remarkable African American authors is Toni Morrison. Toni Morrison’s novels represent the issues of class distinction among African American people and their individual characters represent different life-styles, personalities and destinies. They also focus on the issues of the underclass of women in the male-dominated African American society. The usage of the terms "white society", "black people" or "colored people" is an integral part of his novels. The main character in Morrison's The Bluest Eye is Pecola Breedlove, a black girl from a poor family, who is raped by her father. Pecola wishes to have blue eyes because she believes that the blue eyes would change her destiny and the perception of her by other African Americans. This character embodies the issue of male-dominated African American society as well as the concept of beauty as a means of "making it" in the African American society. The class distinction concept is the issue inscribed in many other characters in The Bluest Eye. It explores the fact that African American people's identities are shaped by different factors – such as ancestry, wealth, education or darkness of their skin. The novel presents several different African American families that expose prejudices to their fellow African Americans and clearly display their special social status. The class distinction among African American characters in The Bluest Eye can be followed from the upper class, represented by the family of the MacTeers, to the poorest family of the Breedloves. An example of displaying a high social status is
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