The Bloody Catholic Queen Essay

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The Bloody Catholic Queen Mary Tudor By XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX November 17 marked the death of Mary Tudor, Queen of England. Mary was a revered queen, who was known for being the first queen of England. She was also known for her attempts to restore the Catholic faith and the consequences that followed during her five year reign. This is an overview of the life of Bloody Mary, the first queen of England. The only child of King Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, Mary had a happy childhood until she turned 16. After many failed pregnancies, Katharine had failed to produce a male heir and Henry’s attention had wandered to other women. In need of a son, Henry divorced Katharine and imprisoned her. Shortly after Henry married Anne Boleyn and Mary was declared illegitimate. By the time her younger sister, Elizabeth, had been born Mary had lost all of her royal privileges. Her jealous stepmother sent her to serve as an attending lady to the new princess of Wales. Anne also appointed two of her relatives Sir John and Lady Shelton as head of the household, instructing them to slap Mary is she showed disrespect to either her or her daughter. But soon her torture was put to an end. Within Queen Mary a year Anne had fallen out of her father and the raven-haired queen was executed. Eleven days later her father had married Jane Seymour who helped to heal the rift that had developed between Henry and Mary. Queen Jane died in childbirth, but Henry finally got his son, Edward the Prince of Wales. But soon King Henry died and left nine-year old Edward to take the throne. Edward was an avid supporter of the Protestant faith, though Mary prayed he would return to the “true” religion, Catholicism. Fearing Mary would return the country to the Catholic faith; powerful men in the realm began to make their plans. Although they made moves

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