The Blood Sweat and Tears Speech Analysis

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Blood, Sweat and Tears In Churchill's blood sweat and tears speech, which was given to the House of Commons on May 13th 1940 only a few day of being Prime Minister, was given to give the people of Britain hope that they may win the war. In this speech Churchill uses a lot of persuasive techniques to persuade his audience to agree with him. Churchill's tone in the first paragraph is very negative, with quite gruesome imagery. "We have before us many, many months of struggle and suffering". By repeating the word "many" the listener understands that what the country is about to face will not be easy. Also by using complicity "we have before us..." It is immediately addressing the reader and assuming that the reader is on his side and that the whole country will share the pain of the journey. Also by using a tricolon to express what he has to give it sticks in his audiences minds, it also is a very powerful use of language "blood...tears and sweat" this shows his audience that Churchill is very committed and earnest about the situation the country is facing. In the first line that he starts the whole speech with he says "I say to the House as I said to the ministers who have joined this government..." This line is very authoritative and forceful, which sets the tone for the rest of the speech, it also may instil confidence into the people of Britain that they are being lead by a great, assertive leader. In the second paragraph the words form an answer to the unasked question in the first paragraph, what will the country have to face? Churchill tells his audience what they have to face and what they shall do to win the war. "Wage war against a monstrous tyranny" by using the word "monstrous" which he has used to hyperbolise the fight against the Germans, calling Hitler monstrous and calling his ruling a "tyranny" both words are very emotive, trying to arouse
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