The Blind Side - Movie Analysis

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The Blind Side Jake Perry Michael Oher can be described as shy, protective, gentle, strong and loyal. Shy: you can tell that Michael is shy by the way he walks, talks and the way he keeps to himself. Michael walks very hunched and he looks at his feet when he is walking and standing. Michael talks very softly and in very short sentences. Michael never starts conversations with other people and when other people ask him questions, he makes very short answers, like; yes, no, I don’t know. Michael is shy because he feels out of place and, towards the end of the movie, you can see how much Michaels life has changed by the way he has built up some self-confidence. Michael doesn’t seem as shy during the movie when he is talking to SJ or Leigh-Anne. A good example of Michael’s relationship with SJ would be when they are singing together in the car before the crash. Protective: Michael is very protective of the people that he is close to. There are quite a few examples of this throughout the movie. When Michael is singing with SJ in his new Ute (truck), and they crash, Michael, without thinking, put his arm in front of SJ to stop the airbag from breaking his neck. Another good example of Michael’s protective instincts is when, after a short explanation by Leigh-Anne, Michael is determined not to let the opposition hurt his teammates as he now treats them as family. In the movie, it actually says he has got excellent protective instincts as he tested 98% in protective instincts. He is very protective of Leigh-Anne, especially when they go to ‘Hurt Village’ and Michael doesn’t let her out of the car, he also tells her that he has her back when they are going shopping for clothes. Gentle: You can tell that Michael is gentle by the way he talks, he talks very softly and in a soothing tone. There is also gentleness to his actions, for example, when he is in the

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