The Blind Side

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Life goes on Do you know the feeling when everything is going in the wrong way and you fell like that you are the most unhappiest and unlucky human been in the world, the feeling when everything is not going like you wanted it to go. But then you watch a movie, read a book or hear about how bad other peoples have it, and then you realize that u are living like a millionaire or an star, relative to the story u heard about. The movie “The blind side” is a great movie about a black teenager who had a rough life, but then he stands up, and gets further in his life. In “The blind side”, the main character is Michael, his nickname is big Mike; he is a black teenager who lived the hard life in America. All the problems in his life started when he was younger, he was living with his mother and his brothers, and he didn't know his father. But his mother could not take care of him and his brothers because she was a “crack head”, so the children’s were taken away. Then the family spitted up, all the children’s went to different foster homes, and mike was known as the runner, because he always ran away. Mike was living on a couch at a black man’s house, because he didn’t have any other places to stay, this man helped Mike to get him into a Christian school. Mike only came into this school because of his size, he was very big, and the school coach wanted him. Mike couldn’t live in the black man’s house anymore because they couldn’t afford to have him there anymore, so know he is homeless. Mike wasn’t the cleverest kid in the world, he didn’t say anything in the lessons so the teachers couldn’t give him grades, but then a teacher found something he has written, and then the teachers tried other methods to teach him and it worked. One day, at a school volleyball challenge, Mike was sitting and waiting for people to leave, so he could eat the popcorn left over’s. Then a

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