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The Blind Side Essay

  • Submitted by: scottm303
  • on October 25, 2010
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There are some important similarities between the two areas of the city. Both areas had a strong sense of community for "watching each others backs.” The two areas had different looks on this idea, however.   The people in the "hurt village" looked out for each other in the way a gang would. They carried guns and would be willing to kill for their friends next to them. In the richer neighbourhood, they would watch out for each other by making sure each person had a place to sleep, and enough to eat. These two ideas of "protection" differ greatly.   The reason why they differ so much is because of what their family status while they were growing up was. The poorer community is into more violent means of protection because they likely had a father in jail or a mother addicted to drugs.   The richer families can see these problems in other communities and they learn the importance of families and they learn to make sure everyone in their family is alright.

Michael Oher placed in the 98th percentile in "protective instinct.” This means that without someone having to tell him to protect something or someone, he has an instinct to protect what he loves and cares for.   He likely developed this instinct for his mother whom was into drugs and lived in a poor neighbourhood with violence all around. This is significant to the story of being a high school football player because his job was to be the left tackle, and protect the quarterback's blindside. After a few reminders, he was able to pick this up easily because he has strong instincts to protect what is important to him. I also have strong protective instincts for my family. Despite being the youngest, I watch out for every member in my family so that everyone stays healthy and when they need help doing something, I make myself available to help. I do this because I also understand the importance of family and how necessary it is to keep a strong relationship with them. I also have protective instincts for my peers. At...

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