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The Blanket Essay

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  • on August 28, 2014
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The Blanket (Floyd Dell) |
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 12:06 | T ◆ ▼ | J01 |

An American short story -- a program in Special English. Today's story is called "The Blanket." It was written by Floyd Dell. Here is Maurice Joyce to tell you the story in Special English. |   |
T ◆ ▼ | J02 |

It was a fine September night. A thin white moon rose over the valley. Peter, eleven years old, did not see the moon. He did not feel the cool September breeze blow into the kitchen, for his thoughts were fixed on a red and black blanket on the kitchen table. |   |
T ◆ ▼ | J03 |

The blanket was a gift from his Dad to his Grandad . . . a going-away gift. They said that Grandad was going away . . . that's what they called it "going away." |   |
T ◆ ▼ | J04 |

Peter had not really believed his Dad would send Grandad away. But now
 -- there it was -- the going-away gift. Dad had bought it that very morning. And this was the last evening he and his Grandad would have with each other. |   |
T ◆ ▼ | J05 |

Together the old man and the young boy washed the supper dishes. Dad had gone out . . . with that woman he was to marry. He would not be back for some time. When the dishes were finished, the old man and the boy went outside and sat under the moon. 
"I'll get my harmonica and play for you," the old man said. "I'll play some of the old tunes." 
But instead of the harmonica, he brought out the blanket. It was a big, double blanket. "Now, isn't that a fine blanket?!" said the old man, smoothing it over his knees. "And isn't your father a kind man to be giving the old man a blanket like this to go away with? It costs something, it did look at the wool in it! And warm it will be these cold winter nights to come. There will be no other blanket like it up there." |   |
T ◆ ▼ | J06 |

It was like Grandad to be saying that. He was trying to make it easier. Ever since they had talked about "going away," Grandad had said it was his idea. Imagine -- leaving a warm house and...

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