The Black Spider Monkey

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The Black Spider Monkey OUTLINE Black Spider Monkey I. Introduction a. How I Became Interested in Animal b. Threats c. Groups Helping d. Chances of Survival II. Characteristics a. Where does the animal live? b. Physical Features c. Reproduction/Mating d. Stages of Life/Behavior e. Population Trends – how many are left (and, if possible, how many were there at one time, years ago)? III. Challenges and Threats a. Habitat loss b. Reproduction Rates c. Hunters IV. Conservation – Groups Helping a. Two groups trying to save animal b. Things being done and challenges groups face, such as money issues c. What Can You Do To Help (donations, websites, etc?) V. Summary a. Is This Animal Expected To Survive? (If you say it will survive if it gets certain help – well, then do you think it will get that help? Just decide based on your research if you think the animal will survive). b. What Are the chances of survival? c. Number of remaining population (repeat how many of the animal are alive) My interest in spider monkeys came about after I saw the movie Talladega Nights. In the movie, Ricky Bobby (a racecar driver) has two very unruly children. In one scene they are eating dinner and having a conversation with their grandfather. When the grandfather says something that the kids don’t want to hear, they say “Shut up Chip, or we’ll jump on you like a spider monkey!” After I heard this line, I wanted to know exactly how spider monkeys jumped. While researching the animal’s behavior I discovered that they were endangered. One threat to the spider monkeys is their slow reproductive rate. Another threat is the deforestation of their rainforest habitat. Because these threats are putting the sider monkey at risk, and although the World Wildlife Fund and the International Union for Conservation of

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