The Black Plague Essay

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The Black Plague In the fourteenth century the medieval civilization was in decline. Population was decreasing rapidly, crops were failing, famine and Plague infested Europe. With all of these hardships it caused the economy to crumble and outlook on life was very pessimistic. In the reading “the high and late middle ages” the author is speaking to the serfs also known as the peasants. These are the people of the towns that were members of guilds and usually specialized in a certain area of work. “In A.D 1348, the people of France and of almost the whole world were struck by a blow other then war.” (Venette 283). The black plague caused the outlook on life to be very pessimistic due to the economic failure, death rate and lost…show more content…
All goods were very dear to people and there was a great abundance due to the decrease in population. It was believed by the church and kings that this plague was an act of god. This brought the kings and lords closer as there enemies grew stronger attacking from land and sea. “Few could be found in the good towns and castles that knew how or were Willing to instruct children in the rudiments of grammar.” (Venette 284). This affected the children’s ability to learn the basics of speech and affected there education greatly. The black plague affected the people of this time in many ways and if it didn’t take there lives it changed it forever. Through what people have seen there mentality changed greatly and it put life in to perspective for some and reminded them just how fragile life is.” And some holding best to live temporarily, and to avoid excesses of all kind, made parties, and shut themselves up from the rest of the world; eating and drinking moderately of the best, and diverting themselves with music” (Boccaccio 2). The affects of the black plague not only killed the spirit of the people of Europe but took the lives of nearly one third of the population. These people experienced hell on earth and as history shows it left a scar on Europe for a long period of
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