The Black Death Plague

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There are many killers in the history of the world, like serial killers or murders, but nothing like The Black Death. This plague was fatal; it had no cure and no proves of its creation or origin. It’s frightening and scary. It arrived in Europe in October 1347 by twelve Genoese ships coming from a voyage though the back sea. Sailors abroad arrived dead or gravely sick, with mysterious black boils all over them, which gave this disease its name “The Black Death”. Over the next five years, this plague killed one third of Europe’s population, which is about 20 million citizens. It was the first epidemic of the second series of outbreaks of the disease (Gottfried xiii) The Black Death was the greatest catastrophe ever which resulted in great fear, and impacted European society religiously and economically. Black is the metaphorical sense of terrible, and that is exactly was the plague was, a terrible and devastating epidemic linked to rodent and human ecology. This disease varied between Bubonic, Phumonic and Septicaemic plague strains. (***) The sickness went through three different stages. First, people caught flu like symptoms like sneezing, headache, and stomachache, and started to look for help or take medicine. Then, black werts, also know as buboes, started to appear in the groin on near the armpits. These…show more content…
This boats brought a lots of ship men and rats which were already infected or dead. These ships came from a long voyage around Europe. It started in China and spread eastward to India. After the widespread famine and millions of deaths, it reached Constantinople and Italy. Following came England, Scotland, Scandinavia, Ukraine and so on. It is possible that is disease traveled through the silk road with the Mongol armies, or via ship. By the end of 1346, Europe was devastated, India was depopulated and Mesopotamia and Syria were covered with
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