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The Black Death Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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The Black Death: How Different Were Christian and Muslim Responses Essay

It makes your tongue turn black girl and it ain’t no cure for that girl! “Civilization both in the East and the West was visited by a destructive plague which devastated nations and caused the population to vanish…The entire world was changed.” – Ibn Khaldun.
In the different documents you will see that the Black Death trade routes,and how it traveled from Cario by water first, then land (Document 1).It was also took three years for the Black Death to spread from Sarai to Cario. The death rate of the people in different areas changed with in each country. (Document 2) In England the death rate was thirty-three percent; in Egypt the death rate ranged from twenty-five to thirty-five percent; and the death rate was thirty-three percent. The mortality began, and wiped out people so fast. In (Document 3) the two cities described in this document were Siena, Italy and Damascus, Syrid. The Christian and Muslim non-religious explanations for the Black Death were similar because they both thought the plague was caused by wind, planet or stars, and outrageous doings. The causes and preventions of the Black Death were listed (Document 5).
During the height of the Middle Ages Christian civilization went through a period of prosperity. The Christians believed the plague was a blessing from God. (Document 4) The Christians also thought it was a punishment to the Muslims for their sins. “Whatever we suffer is just the reward of our sins….” According to William Dene lay (non-religious) English people behaved badly. (Document 6) The Plague caused chaos with in the countries, the English priest were preaching in places where could only get money. Since the Jews don’t serve God, Pope Clement VI believes the Jews are not at fault for the plague. (Document 8) Jews were accused of bringing the plague. As a result of this, the Jews were persecuted by the citizens of Strasbourg. According to the note in...

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