The Black Cat Essay

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The black cat I One day captain Gipson came back on board his ship with a parrot.the parrot was grey and old and his name was polly. The captain didn’t want brought the parrot but his uncle ask him to take it to sea.the made looked at the parrot.hi didn’t like the parrot.but the sailors has black cat-satan on the board the ship.the big and old black cat didn’t like the parrots.the sailors watch satan well and not let him see the parrot. II For two days everything was all right.the sailors watched the cat and did not let him even near the captain’s cabin.but one daw satan got into the cabin.satan stayed there few minutes,but whenthe captain came into his cabin soon after that,he shouted in such a voice that made that everybody oh board the ship jump up.the capatain look the black satan .the old sam didn’t know what happen on the ship.the parrot had lost half of its feathers in its fight with the cat.but the sam don’t believe and begin to lie..the captain cried even more angrily.THE CAPTAIN WANT THROW THE BLACK OVER BOARD.but the mate and another sailor didn’t like that idea.the satan is not even a cat .but the captain get angry and ran out of his cabin. Iii When the captain called the cat,she understood everything and did not want to came up to him. And the old sam didn’t want called the cat and of cource sam didn’t want kill the b-l-a-c-k cat. Then captain ask to the cook,but the cook refuse because he didn’t want saw ghosts all his life.and the captan find a decision. Iv Every day the parrot was getting weaker and weaker.everybody on board knew that the parrot was dying. In the evening the sailors were sitting and made the plans what to do with the cat.suddenly the cook came in.on his shoulder ha carried a big bag.he put the bag on the deck,looked and asked in a whisper where is the captain,because in his bag wear cat who it is look like

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