The Birthmark Essay

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Throughout time, people have been more and more obsessed with physical appearance. People started to compare themselves with others or wanted to be different, to be perfect in some way like the picture that their mind drew. “The Birthmark” was released in the 1800’s but already discussed the message of a perfect physical appearance, the fascination with a perfect look without regard for the side effects. “The Birthmark” begins with a picture of a couple, Aylmer and his precious wife, Georgiana. Georgiana has a birthmark on her check which looks like a tiny hand and a lot of men were dying to try and touch her birthmark; however, her husband Aylmer was just the opposite. He did not like the birthmark and always attempted to remove it. Georgiana loved her husband so much that she let him remove the birthmark. She knew the risks involved but she loved her husband and would do anything to make him happy. Due to her deep love and desperation to please her husband, Georgiana died because of her husband’s desire and attempt to remove her birthmark. Even though the story debuted in the1800’s it already showed, very clearly, the obsession with physical perfection. Aylmer was so upset with his wife’s birthmark that he would not even kiss the cheek of his wife which had the birthmark on it. Georgiana, a loving wife, realized what her husband was thinking, what he wanted. She knew the risk she took but her love for her husband was stronger than her worries. She loved her husband more than anything and Death was what she paid for her husband’s obsession. Today people want to have a picture-perfect look, very similar to Aylmer’s desire for his wife, and do not care about the risks involved. They get their bodies fixed by adding on or even removing parts of their own body. Plastic surgeries, tattoos, piercings and then removal comes in the form of fat removers, tattoo

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