The Birth-Mark Essay

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Aylmer, a man of science, an Alchemist believed he could turn base metal into Gold. He believed if he wanted to, he could create a potion that would grant eternal life. He was a man who believed in mirracles. Once he met this beautiful woman Georgiana, he decided to leave his laboratory for a while to make her his wife. Their chemistry was like no other and they both fell in love. Georgiana, who is one of the main characters in The Birth-Mark is an absolutely beautiful woman. Everything about her is perfection, but the birth-mark on her left cheek. It was in a shape of a hand. The birth-mark is described as crimson and ruby-colored, while the skin around it is likened to snow and marble. When she blushed, the color of her skin and the birth-mark became one and you couldn't even see the mark for a moment. Aylmer couldn't stop gazing at his wife's hand-shaped mark and finally he has asked her if she ever thought of removing it. Many people have told her that her birth-mark was more like a charm, so she amagined it was so. Aylmer tells her that she is so close to being perfect. The birth-mark is the only thing that's in the way of her being so. Which is true, but he doesn't realize, that the birth-mark is what makes her mortal. Nothing and no one is perfect on Earth. If they do somehow become perfect, they would no longer stay alive and stay on Earth if we look at it in a religious point of view. Aylmer wanted to create perfection and that is what made him mad about removing the mark off his wife's face. It wasn't going to be easy because the roots of the mark plunge down into her heart.Aylmers strive to perfection blinded him and he couldn't see anything but the birth-mark on his beautiful wife. One night, Georgiana overhears her husband in his sleep mumbling about her. She confronts him about the dream in the morning. In his dream, Aylmer dreams of

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