The Birds (Film and Book) Compare and Contrast

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Jared Prokop 11/3/11 Period 3 The Birds Similarities and Differences Though the story and film of the birds differ greatly, there is also much that they have in common. Alfred Hitchcock turned a short story into a full length feature film, so he had to make it a little more interesting by changing the setting, adding characters and many other ways. But Hitchcock stayed true to the very significant elements of the story, like they both take place in small fishing towns and also many means of attack that the birds used like coming down the chimney and kamikaze. They are both so similar and yet so different. Some significant similarities in the film and story are that the book and movie take place in small fishing towns. Another example of the similarities in the stories is that no one believes that birds attacked, in the story Mrs. Trigg doesn’t believe, and in the film the sheriff comes to investigate and he doesn’t believe that the birds just attacked them. Another similarity is that in both the story and the movie, the birds try to come down the chimney, in the story the birds trying to come down the chimney are burnt to a crisp when Nat threw kerosene on the fire, and in the movie the birds successfully come down the chimney and attack Mitch and everyone else. The story and film have a lot in common but also have a lot of differences. The film has many similarities but it also has a lot of differences. Some of the most significant differences are the setting and characters, in the short story it takes place in an unnamed fishing town in England and the main character is Nat who is a recently injured handy man, who is married and has two children, one called Jill and one called Johnny. In the film it takes place in San Francisco and a small fishing town north of the city called Bodega Bay, the main characters are Mitch Brenner, a criminal lawyer in

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