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The City of Vancouver’s commissioned public art piece titled The Birds by Myfanwy MacLeod was installed in the Southeast False Creek Plaza not long after the Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games had ended. Not only that The Birds is associated with MacLeod’s interest in monuments through its scale and public significance, it also demonstrates the artist’s ability to use her art pieces to satirize the relationship between individuals and their surroundings, as well as her ability to convey a hidden historical meaning. Therefore, this paper is going to talk about the interpretation and analysis of this public art piece in an attempt to deeply understand it as a metaphor for biodiversity loss and the negative impact of colonialism in North America. The notion of formalism is used in order to fully understand the form of a work, as well as to determine its artistic value. It does not concentrate on the inner significance of the piece of work. On the contrary, it focuses on elements such as colour, shape, dimension, and texture. The Birds is standing in the Plaza as two realistic yet massive sculptures of male and female House Sparrows. The two birds are believed to be fifty times larger than life size, standing at 16 feet and 14 feet tall respectively, and weigh approximately 4.200 pounds (Heavy Industries). The first time viewers look at this public installation art, they might probably feel surprised by its scale and attracted by its realistic appearance. Some people might feel amused, taking their camera out and wanting to take as many pictures as possible of themselves with the birds, as if The Birds is intended as a tourist attraction art piece. Others might be puzzled yet interested to ask more about the significance of the art piece itself. Though for some, especially for most children, they might feel frightened because of its unusual scale which leads

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