The Bill of Rights Essay

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The Bill of Rights The Bill of Rights is said to be the people’s rights but what exactly is the Bill of Rights and what can people use it for? In this paper I will address the following: I. The History of the Bill and why it was created II. The first ten Amendments, the Bill of Rights • Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition • Right to keep and bear arms • Right of search and seizure regulated • Provisions concerning prosecution • Right to a speedy trial, witness, etc. • Right to a trial by jury • Excessive bail, cruel punishment • Rule of construction of Constitution • Rights of the States under Constitution III. The later Amendments IV. Why the Bill of Rights Important? As the Unites States tried to build a strong government in the late 1700’s, it was clear that the land of the free needed to have some sort of security for its people. Newly appointed, as the first president of the United States, George Washington faced an uphill battle of restoring the U.S. after a long and exhausting battle. According to the Library of Congress online, “An entire government had to be created in the aftermath of a bitter national battle for ratification of the new federal Constitution. All administrative offices and the military forces had to be created and organized. All federal officers had to be appointed. A federal judiciary had to be created and staffed. Opposition to the new federal Constitution had to be defused. Inventiveness, cooperation, and compromise were the governing principles in these Herculean endeavors (2001).” Creating such a proposal was one of the many achievements that came with this great country and which many viewed the United of America as the land of the free. George Washington and James Madison made sure that the newly proposed amendments not only gave rights but also protected the rights of those individual

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