The Bill of Rights Essay

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Shelby Pope 9/28/12 Pol 211 Ms. Peck The Bill Of Rights The Bill of Rights is made up of ten amendments. These amendments were created to keep citizens in line for the good of the American society. Without these amendments there would be no structure in our land. Sometimes people wonder, “Just how far can I push these rules until something is stated unconstitutional?”. One should use their common sense while keeping the rules in mind in order to maintain the line of legality and structure that is there to keep America safe. One of the main freedoms exercised is the freedom of expression. This freedom has been broadened significantly over two hundred years. There are six court derived doctrines expanding this expression. These six doctrines go as follows; preferred position, no prior restraint, imminent danger, neutrality, clarity, and least means. Freedom of expression is allowed to be exercised as long as no obscene actions take place, and legality is kept within bounds. Texas authorities one day arrested a man for burning an American flag in his front yard to send a message, stating that this action was unconstitutional and immoral. Needless to say, this man went unpunished because this was a freedom of expression, and a form of symbolic speech. This man pushed the line of expression, going unpunished. This shows that it is sometimes okay to step out of the box when it comes to the rules of the constitution, but this is not to encourage people to burn flags in their front yard. Emerson V. Board of Education states the “wall-of-separation.” This is a separation between Church and State. This touches on freedom of religion. A big debate that has gone on for many years is prayer in public schools which is according to the court case Engel V. Vitale held in nineteen sixty two. It is declared unconstitutional to pray over a loud

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