The Biggest Cat Essay

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The Biggest Catfish I’ve Ever Caught The day began with waking up at 4:30 AM and getting breakfast. The night before we checked the rods and put a thing on the end of all the lines called a swivel. We loaded them into the boat so we could leave right after breakfast. After we left we went to Captain Bones and got bunker, bloodworms and crabs. Then we went to a dock at Augustine Beach, unloaded the boat, parked the truck and left. about ten to twenty minutes later we showed up at a spot called “Honey Hole”…known for catfish (flathead, yellow fin, bullhead and speckled), eels, yellow and white perch and stripers or striped bass. bob dropped anchor and I baited my hook with a bloodworm and a piece of bunker. I used a top bottom jig, which has two hooks separated by seven to eight inches of wrapped metal wire. I dropped the hook straight down over the side of the boat, then I raised the hook off the ground about a foot. Soon after I got a bite and started reeling in the line when I got the fish in the boat it was a eight inch white perch. Which meant I could keep it. After a couple of cast my best friends little brother got a flathead catfish. About ten to twenty minutes later we moved the boat back into a river systems and dropped anchor again. Everybody began to cast up next to the cattails and ended up only getting nibbles an a occasional bite but we couldn’t set the hook . Three hours went by and we only got a couple eels and catfish. Then we went back to the spot we started of at and immediately after we caught catfish after catfish. About the fifth to sixth catfish I hooked up with a monster bullhead catfish. I pulled as hard as I could but it barely

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