The Biggest Addiction in My Life Essay

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Miguel Belisario Writing 6 Essay 5 The Biggest Addictions in My Life The technology has become a very important part of my life lately. During the past years, technology has evolved me in many ways and it’s probably without a doubt better that it is. I’ am always trying to find something new that will improve in my live. Some of the creations that have really changed my life are the computer, television and smart phones In this modern society, I can't see myself without a computer. Computers and internet are a part of my life during the past years. They are fast, small, and very affordable and nearly every family I know has one. With computers, I can browse over the internet and look for information about any topics subject instead of having to read books in the library or spend money on a newspaper. Nowadays mostly everything is available on the internet. I can even do all my shopping over the internet instead going shopping. Send emails on internet and it’s much faster and takes me less time than send a letter by post mail and the other person would not have to wait days or more to get my letter. With a computer, I can just store my files and documents on my pen drive and it can be retrieved at any time. It does make my life much easier. Smart phones are also very useful accessories because I can reach people wherever they are. In case of an emergency, I can contact people even if they are not at home, I can check my emails, read the news, chat on the web cam with someone else, book my flight tickets to everywhere, I can also see others people pictures on Facebook, track the Miami metro rail, the bus, and more. My life has totally changed, Since smart phones came out with unlimited applications on it, People like me interact with others as family, friends has changed in a very dramatic way, because people like me are more addictive to

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