The Big Three Conferences Essay

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What was agreed at the Yalta Conference? At Yalta, it was agreed to shift Poland’s borders into eastern Germany, east of the Oder-Neisse Rivers so that USSR got more land. In addition, Germany was split into four zones and had to pay reparations of $10 000 million to the USSR and $10 000 million to the other victims. Land liberated from Germany were to have free elections. Also, it was agreed that the USSR would declare war on Japan after Germanys surrender. Finally, the United Nations was created with equal voting rights for all and the right to veto by five big powers. `Only Stalin of the Allies achieved what he wanted as a result of the war with Germany` Do you agree? Explain your answer. There were three things that Stalin wanted from the war; land, reparations and to influence his communist ideals on the world. From looking at what was agreed at the Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam conferences, it is apparent that the USSR did benefit from the war; however it is arguable whether he got everything he wanted out of it. In 1943, the USSR defeated Germany in the battle over Stalingrad (now Volgograd). This helped give Stalin what he wanted as it expanded his borders. Nonetheless a combined total of 1.5million soldiers were lost in this battle, which was not so good for Russia. Furthermore, the USSR got to further expand their borders at the Yalta conference were it was agreed that Poland’s borders would be shifted in to eastern Germany. The instability of the Polish government gave Stalin and his supporters of the Lublin committee the opportunity to influence their communist ideals. Although Stalin promised free elections in Poland, all the Party’s were communist so this was not actually free elections. In addition, the `London Poles`, who were the supporters of Polands pre-war government were seriously weakened by fighting Germany in the East. So eventually,

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