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The Big Lie Essay

  • Submitted by: jrotc2015
  • on May 2, 2012
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Rebecca Jenkins
English I
February 10, 2012
The Big Lie
“Would you like to go camping with me this weekend?” Brianna ask
“Sure I would love to go camping! I have never been camping in my life.” Sammy says with excitement.
As they start to walk home from school Brianna starts to think to herself should I invite Devonte and John? I would enjoy it, if they could come!
“Would you guys like to go camping with me this weekend? Its Sammy and I going, so would you guys like to?” Brianna asks as she hyperventilates.  
“Sure sounds like a lot of fun!” they say at the same time.
(Ding, Dong) The doorbell rings as Brianna gets her things for camping together.
“Devonte, John, Sammy! Come in. I’m so excited you guys could come! Mom and dad should be ready in a few. They were just getting the car loaded.” Brianna bursts with excitement.
Brianna has the brains of a scientist and has the looks of a superstar, with the brown hair flowing down her spine. The glowing baby blue eyes sprinkling in the light.   The smooth and sound of the birds singing and the snow falling off the Rocky Mountains makes everyone sleep until they arrive to the spot where they can set up all of their belongings. As they begin to go hiking they all decide to go different ways to see what it looks like. Sammy and John go north and Brianna and Devonte go south.
As they begin to divide up Sammy begins to tell John what happen the last time she had gone camping with Brianna. Then all of a sudden she starts to tell him about Brianna and Devonte.
  “I hear that Devonte and Brianna are going to get engaged. That’s why they went on their own.”
John yelled without thinking, “You’re joking right?”
‘Nope” She says quietly.
“Wow” he says in excitement.
As the night goes on and the sun dims though the tree lines and they begin to clean up dinner dishes John asked Devonte a question.
“So when did you ask her?” he says in a whisper
Devonte looks at John like he is crazy.
“Ask whom,...

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