The Big Issue Essay

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Final Assessment The Big Issue Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 History of company 3 John Bird and Gordon Roddick 3 Inception 4 Company mission/Mission statement 4 People 5 Board of Trustees 5 Service Team 5 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 6 Segmentation 6 Targeting 6 Positioning 6 Competitors 7 The Big Issue Magazine 8 Product 8 Price 8 Promotion 9 Place 9 Process 9 Physical Evidence 9 People 9 Conclusion 10 Marketing plan 10 Current situation analysis 10 Objectives 10 The target audience 10 The marketing strategy 11 Budget 11 Marketing implementation plan 11 Evaluation strategy 11 Bibliography 12 Appendices 13 Board of Trustees 13-17 Executive Summary The Big Issue magazine is a charitable magazine that was established in 1991 by John Bird and Gordon Roddick. The magazine is sold by homeless unemployed people to better their life situation. They buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell it for £2.50 keeping all profits to themselves. The Big Issue was Europe’s first street paper and currently exists on 4 continents. The magazine is targeting the undifferentiated marketplace segmenting their targets in a psychographic manner. Their aiming to reach out to as many as possible, using variables such as beliefs, attitudes and opinions. Their main promotions are executed by fundraising events and PR. In 1995 The Big Issue Foundation was established to support the vendors with information, guidance and advice. The four main projects areas they focus on are, helping vendors establish secure housing, provide access to health advice and healthcare, managing vendor’s money and The Big Issue sales and improving individuals self-esteem. In 2005 the Big Issue Invest was established to support finance to charities, social enterprises and business that are socially driven. The people working
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