The Big Dry Sohn Analysis

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In the article The Big Dry by Emily Sohn we see the effect global warming is having on the country of Australia. Sohn starts out very interestingly with her article. She makes us visualize how it would be if a tourist went to visit there. She describes as to how you will see lack of water supply when you arrive in Australia. Even with all the managing of the water reservoirs over the years, there just does not seem to be enough water for everyone. It’s getting hard for them to have enough water for everyone especially with the rapid population growth over the years. The areas mainly affected by this drought are south western corner of Australia around Perth, state of Victoria in the southern corner of the continent and certain areas in and around Brisbane. Because of lack of…show more content…
The government however seems to be enforcing some laws in order to preserve water especially on Brisbane, Australia’s third largest country. People are only allowed to water their lawn every other day, no car wash if you want a clean car scrub your car clean. People who exceed the limit of water they are suppose to use everyday are fined by the government. To raise awareness of shortage of water in Australia; they have put up signs around the cities as to how much water they should use when using a public restroom or so on. People are not the only once suffering from this drought there has been drastic changes on the wildlife’s of Australia. The animal hurting most from this drought seems to be the koala bear because “the drought is killing of several species of eucalyptus trees, the animals’ main source of food.” People have reported dead and missing koalas over the years. Because of this drought there also seems to be wildfires from all the heat which causes a major loss of vegetation in areas of fire. Scientists are still trying to find ways to save the people of Australia form the current
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