The Big Bang Theory Essay

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Where did we come from? That is the question that many scientists and experts have been debating for a very long time. Not just where humans and other organisms came from, but where the universe came from. This particular question on where everything originated has not been proven fully. Scientists are coming closer and closer to the conclusion as time passes. For now, there is much evidence that supports that the universe was created from an explosion and is currently expanding known as the Big Bang Theory. The evidence that has been found in the pass that back up the theory clearly shows that this idea could have possibly happen. The idea that the universe was created this way is so realistic and can be proven to an extent that scientists had a hard time trying to come up with alternative ways to contradict this phenomenon. Some did though. The Steady State Theory came into existence due to the lack of proof scientists had yet to discover about the universe. Over time, the facts to back this claim were nothing compared to the facts that back up the Big Bang Theory. Nevertheless, the Steady State Theory and other alternative beliefs showed controversy with the Big Bang. Back in the 1940s this controversy rang out among scientists and therefore spilt them. How was the universe created? By sticking to scientific reasoning, the Big Bang and the Steady State Theory clash head to head when answering this question. To answer this question one must consider the background information on both theories and the evidence that proves and disproves both conclusions. The Big Bang Theory is a theory that states the universe began with a gigantic expansion (Starr). “It started at a point of infinite density- an infinitesimal seed called the primordial nucleus- and it expanded at speeds greater than the speed of light” (Parker). Once it exploded, it was pure radiant energy, but as

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