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The Bicycle: Jillian Horton Jillian Horton was born in Brandon, Manitoba. Jillian's journey through medicine and music is startlingly unique. By her mid-teens she was studying at Vermont's renowned Adamant Music School. Dreams that she might become a concert pianist were crushed by the onset of tendonitis, but she continued to write songs while obtaining a masters degree in English, a medical degree from McMaster University, and at the same time publishing stories and writing plays, one of which was mounted at several Canadian theatres. She's a singer whose songs speak of beauty and pain, a pianist of depth shaped through years of rigorous classical study. She's also a medical doctor…and she's just twenty-nine years old. Questions – The Bicycle: 1. Why does Hannah go to live with Tante Rose? 2. What were the two things that Tante Rose had forbidden Hannah to do? 3. Why did Tante Rose not want Hannah to ride a bicycle? 4. How does Tante Rose discover that Hannah was indeed riding a bicycle? 5. Find a few passages in the story that indicate that Hannah has some regrets about spending so much time practicing. 6. Find examples of the following figures of speech in the story: similes, metaphors, personification. What effect do these figures of speech have on the story? 7. Identify the setting, characters, major conflict, crisis, climax, and denouement of the story. 8. Identify some themes that are present in the story. Justify your answers with examples from the story. 9. From whose point of view is the story written? Is this a limited or omniscient (all knowing) point of view? 10. A motif is a repeated word within a word of literature. Identify one motif in the story that suggests one of its major themes. 11. Without giving a physical description, describe Tante Rose. In listing those characteristics, be sure to provide an

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