The Bias Of Language And Pictures

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In “The Bias of Language, The Bias of Pictures”, Postman and Powers talk about language and pictures. They discuss the differences between stationary pictures, moving pictures, and language. They talk about the way the three are perceived, interpreted, and sometimes misinterpreted. They also speak about the descriptions and judgments that are made based on what people uncover out of the three. It is very interesting how people sometime infer some things totally wrong based on what they see and get when they use their eyes or even how something is misinterpreted from just reading a sentence. Let’s start off with language. Language is used to describe, evaluate and also infer things about an event. Take these 3 sentences for example. Manny Freebus is 5’8 and weighs 235 pounds; Manny Freebus is grossly fat, and the last sentence states “Manny Freebus eats too much. These are three different sentences made by different people based on what was seen, a description. The last sentence was an inference based on what was seen because we do not truly know that Manny eats too much just because he is over weight. But these are all just different interpretations and descriptions of language. (Postman, N & Powers, S, 2008) This just goes to show the different ways in which people interpret things thru language and how they at times make false accusations based on the eye. In this reading Postman & Powers state that we will constantly come across these three kinds of statements when it comes to language “descriptions, judgments, and inferences” (Postman & Powers, 2008: The Bias of Language, The Bias of Pictures, 8(483). From Pop Perspectives by Gray, L) meaning that everyone interprets things differently when heard or seen and they either describe it, pass judgment on it or falsely state things. Now we have pictures. “It is often said that a picture is

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