The Bet Lawyer VS Banker

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Who wins the bet? In the short story “The Bet”, written in 1870 by Anton Chekov, set in Russia, there are two main characters, the lawyer and the banker. The banker and lawyer had a discussion at a party about capital punishments; and the lawyer says that he would rather have life in prison than to be on death roll. The banker doesn’t think that the lawyer could be confined for fifteen years (twelve o’clock of November 14th 1870- twelve o’clock of November 14th 1885) and bet two million dollars to prove it. The bet is over once the lawyer leaves the shed in the banker’s backyard before his time. Who wins the bet? The lawyer wins the bet because he stays in the room, he deals with what he has and he doesn’t talk to anyone verbally. The lawyer is in the room of the banker’s backyard for 15 years; he follows the rules and is the better man. He was all by himself with no one to talk to, as him and the banker agreed he has no obligation to leaving the room or to communicate with fellow humans. But will be provided with tobacco, wine, books etc. The lawyer abides by the rules. Stayed in the room for the designated 15 years and had freed himself from his solitary confinement. "The death sentence and the life sentence are equally immoral, but if I had to choose between the death penalty and imprisonment for life, I would certainly choose the second. To live anyhow is better than not at all." While he is waiting for his time to come about, the lawyer half way through his 6th year teaches himself six different languages, philosophy, history and many more. The lawyer was ecstatic to be able to speak six languages and had written letters in each different language and had asked for them to be showed to linguist and if no mistake was found asked to hear a gun shot. “I write you these lines in six languages. Show them to people who know the languages. Let them

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